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About Us

Our Mission

At BeanDaikon, our mission is to craft high-quality macrame products at affordable prices. Created by the skilled hands of artisan craftspeople in Vietnam, our products are designed to add beauty and functionality to your home. We specialize in essential home accessories and provide a range of materials for DIY macrame enthusiasts. Each piece we create is more than just decor—it's a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern style, made to enrich your living spaces.

Our Vision
Our vision is to become the world’s leading brand in the macrame sector. We are passionate about making this exquisite form of traditional craft accessible to a broader audience. By doing so, we aim to foster more opportunities for this art form to flourish and evolve. At BeanDaikon, we are dedicated to nurturing the growth of macrame, ensuring it continues to be a source of creativity and inspiration for generations to come.

Minh & Nhan - Founders, Authors
Meet Minh & Nhan: The Heart and Soul of BeanDaikon
Minh and Nhan are a young married couple from Vietnam with a great eye for design and a deep love for home decor and crafts. Together, they turned their passion into BeanDaikon, a business that helps skilled artisans in Vietnam grow and succeed.

Our Story
BeanDaikon started as a small online shop on Etsy in late 2020. Our goal is to make macrame, a beautiful form of handmade craft, accessible to more people. We offer high-quality macrame products at affordable prices. These products are made by talented artisans in Vietnam. Our brand's name, BeanDaikon, comes from the nicknames of Minh and Nhan’s two children, showing that our business is like a family to us.

How BeanDaikon Began
Minh and Nhan always loved making small macrame crafts as gifts for friends and family, who always praised the beauty and quality of their work. However, they didn’t have much time for their hobby because of their busy lives. In 2020, things got tough when the pandemic hit, and Nhan was expecting their second child. Minh started looking for ways to earn more money and discovered that macrame was very popular on Etsy. Realizing this, they decided to turn their hobby into a business.
With support from many people, Minh and Nhan teamed up with friends who shared their passion and started BeanDaikon. Initially, they faced challenges like not having enough good materials or enough knowledge about the craft, as macrame was still new in Vietnam. Despite these challenges, they managed to make BeanDaikon a success. Now, they are proud to have helped over 50 workers and many macrame artisans in Vietnam. BeanDaikon is now one of the top macrame brands on Etsy.

Our Team
Nhàn Phạm & Minh Lê: Founders
Trâm: COO
Hiếu: IT Manager
Huy: Operation Manager
Hương: Product Manager
Thương: Production Manager
Linh: HR & Admin Manager
Hiểu Phương: Marketing Team Leader
Tiên: Media Team Leader
Trang: Merchandise Team Leader
Thư: CS Team Leader

Step into the world of BeanDaikon, where the intricate art of macramé takes center stage. Our emporium is dedicated to showcasing the finest in handcrafted macramé décor, infusing your living space with warmth, style, and a dash of adventure.

Drawing inspiration from the bohemian ethos, each piece in our curated collection is a testament to artisanal skill, utilizing premium materials and time-honored techniques. From delicately woven wall hangings to dreamy plant hangers, every creation tells a story, inviting you to embrace the enchanting ambiance of your home.

We believe that your living space should mirror your unique personality and style. Thus, we pledge not only products but experiences – each acquisition from BeanDaikon signifies a journey of self-expression, creativity, and discovery.

Whether you seek a statement piece to elevate your décor or seek inspiration for your next DIY project, BeanDaikon is poised to accompany you on your macramé odyssey. Let us celebrate the art of handcrafted mastery and the limitless possibilities of bohemian design together. Welcome to BeanDaikon, where every knot tells a tale.